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★★★★★ 高バランスだとおもいますね。 (2015/08/14) 投稿者:だいきち. おやじになってもサービス、ボレー、スピンにスライスなどやり易くて昔のレベルに近づける良いラケットだと思います。. The EZONE 108 is a great choice for those who want to add some comfort, power and spin to their game. In addition to being a nice option for the singles player, this racket will supercharge your double game! Additional technologies include an updated handle dampening system. Powerful with a plush feel. This is the EZONE. Where comfort meets power. The 6th-generation EZONE features the largest sweet spot in the series’ history. By widening the racquet at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions and varying the angles of the aero-shaped frame, there is a plush, more comfortable. 30/08/40 · I gave the Yonex Ezone 100 an 8 out of 10 for groundstrokes, the same score as its brother, the Ezone 98. I do think the 98 is a slightly better racket, certainly for more advanced players, but the all-round playability of the Ezone 100 brought it back. DYNAMIC POWER. The new generation of EZONE, for the next generation. Yonex’s newest tennis racquet is here: Command the court with EZONE DR. Breaking the mould with the world’s first tennis racquet to feature premium grade NANOMETRIC DR carbon graphite, the EZONE DR gives players increased flex and repulsion plus a larger sweet spot for dynamic power.

ヨネックスezone dr 108テニスラケットがラケットストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。. 初めの頃:システムデザイナーが独自の視点と分析で、テニスというスポーツの本質を論理的に(理屈っぽく)明らかにします。最近:テニスDIYネタと日常の徒然が多めになってます。. The world leader in Golf, Tennis & Badminton equipment. At YONEX, we take the game as seriously as you do. We are a company driven by technology, so we constantly explore new materials, designs & ways of improving your game. The world leader in Golf, Tennis and Badminton equipment. At YONEX, we take the game as seriously as you do. We are a company driven by technology, so we constantly explore new materials, new designs and new ways of improving your game.

Yonex EZONE 108 Tennis Racquet Model EZ17108. YONEX EZONE 108 EXTENDED GREEN PERFORMANCE TENNIS RACQUET. The Yonex EZONE 108 Extended Green Performance Tennis Racquet is a thicker-beamed 26mm/29mm/24mm and slightly extended 27.25 inches frame geared towards beginner to intermediate players with an already competent game, who are looking for a stick. Beginning and intermediate level players looking for an easy-swinging, powerful frame will love the new Yonex Ezone DR 108. With the same frame size and weight as the 2016 model, this 108 square inch oversize head combines with a wide body 26/29/24 mm tapered beam to provide power and stability, while a low 9.5 oz. strung weight lets you swing it effortlessly. An extra quarter inch of length. The evolutionary new frame minimizes wind resistance to produce an ultra fast swing. New ISOMETRIC head shape maximizes the sweet spot, producing ultimate swing speed and consistent power, even on off-centre hits. YONEX cutting edge design delivers amazing ball speed on the court. EZONE. 確かに今回のezone drシリーズもオールラウンドモデルと言えます♪ その中で、より自分の欲するニーズを踏まえてモデルをチョイスしていただければ、 きっと大きな味方になってくれることでしょう♪. 動画内ではご紹介だけでしたが、侮れない「ezone dr lite」. Yonex adds another chapter to the EZONE 108! This update replaces the 2015 DR version, keeping the same target specs but adding some impressive technologies. Like its predecessor, the EZONE 108 is light and forgiving, making it perfect for the player who wants both easy acceleration and.

Yonex EZONE 108 Racket - Tennis Warehouse Europe.

ezone 108. 超大甜区,释放爆发性力量. Yonex écrit un nouveau chapitre dans l'histoire de la EZONE 108 !Cette version remplace la DR 2015 en conservant les mêmes caractéristiques mais en ajoutant quelques nouvelles technologies novatrices. À l'instar de sa grande soeur, la EZONE 108 est légère et indulgente, ce qui en fait la raquette parfaite pour les débutants cherchant une accélération facile et une belle marge d'erreurs.

Yonex Ezone DR 108 tennis racket has been designed to give players increased flex and repulsion for dynamic power with increased feel. Features include:-Isometric Head Shape - an improved grommet system, applying both deep and shallow grooves inside of the frame increases the sweetspot by 7%. ezone 98; ezone 98l; ezone 100; ezone 100l; ezone 100sl; ezone 105; ezone game; ezone feel; ezone ace; vcore pro 100; vcore pro 97hd; vcore pro 97; vcore 100 bk vcore 98 bk vcore 95; vcore 98; vcore 100; vcore game; vcore feel; vcore 26; vcore 25; astrel 115; astrel 105. Yonex EZone Rackets Yonex EZone tennis rackets are the rackets of choice for Ana Ivonvic and Nick Kyrgios. The DR range was the first racket to feature Nanometric DR carbon graphite which increases strength and stability.

ezone 98. 超大甜区,释放爆发性力量,通过释放瞬间的咬球力从而赢得比赛的控制型球拍. ezone 108 ¥1280.00 ¥1280.00. Incorporato nella parte interna del telaio superiore, il materiale HYPER-MG Hyper Modulus Graphite aumenta notevolmente la velocità di snapback ritorno alla posizione originale dopo la flessione della struttura, aumentando la potenza e la velocità della palla. Red lines indicate the fastest air flow and the blue shows the slowest. A large section of the EZONE Ai contains the fastest moving air. As you can see, the air moves smoothly around the EZONE Ai frame. NANOMETRIC is the new material which applies the NANOALLOY.

The EZONE 108 255G includes Vibration Dampenening Mesh within the handle of the frame which helps reduce shock. Overall, the EZONE 108 255G places power firmly into the players' hands, allowing for additional ball speed. This frame is an impressive option for the intermediate to beginner player looking for controllable power from a lighter. Command the court with the Yonex EZONE DR 108. Spin and power are blended effortlessly thanks to the 16 x 18 string pattern and 108 sq. inch head size. Yonex has included Dual Shut System to improve comfort and control with every stroke. Shockless grommets at the bottom of the racquet head and Quake Shut Gel in the gr. The string bed of the EZONE 108 is amplified even more thanks to the Isometric head shape and 16x18 string pattern. Whether you play singles or doubles, the Yonex EZONE 108 is a great option because of its forgiveness, easy access to power and low swingweight.

13時までのご注文で、ガット張り込みも即日当日発送!【全ラケット一年保証・スペック計測対応・海外正規品】【yonex】【硬式テニスラケット】。ヨネックス イーゾーン 100 ライムグリーン 2017(yonex ezone 100)300g 17ez100yx 硬式テニスラケット. The Yonex EZone ai 108 is packed with comfort, power and maneuverability.The racquet is for beginners and intermediates and it gives them the effective depth and spin. The E-Zone Ai 108 has a generous sweetspot. It comes with the Yonex Dual Shut System dampening and shock absorbtion into the grommets and handle.

楽天市場:テニスショップ アミュゼのグロメット > ヨネックス一覧。テニスショップ「アミュゼ」はテニスを通じてみんな笑顔で!をコンセプトに経営しています。 子供たちに笑顔を! テニスを始める方に笑顔を! テニス愛好家に笑顔を!. ★★★★★ 非力でも使いやすい (2014/01/28). 投稿者:GetBack. ストリングはゴーセン・オージーシープ・ミクロスーパー16Lを52ポンドを張りました。.

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