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Liriope muscari £ 8.99. Slowly spreading mounds of evergreen strap like foliage and spikes of attractive purplish blue flowers in late summer. How to Grow Liriope muscari Plants in your Garden Gardener's HQ Guide to Growing Big Blue Lilyturf. The Liriope muscari plant Common name: Big Blue Lilyturf makes a great plant for borders or also can be planted in mass to create evergreen grassy groundcover. It has a tufted grass appearance and can easily be grown in most places as it requires very little maintenance.

Liriope Muscari. The versatile Liriope Muscari, or 'Turf Lily' are a group of useful evergreen clump forming perennial plants well suited to the UK garden. Low growing with strap like leaves Liriope Muscari is widely used as a border plant, also useful in clumps in the garden border. Buy Liriope muscari Big Blue Big Blue Lily-turf online from Jacksons Nurseries. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Liriope Muscari also known as Lilyturf, big blue Lilyturf, Border Grass or Monkey Grass. Growing well in almost all locations this versatile clump forming Liriope plants are excellent for groundcover or they can be grown in a container as a specimen for a stylish garden or patio. Liriope muscari, commonly called lilyturf or blue lily turf, is a tufted, tuberous-rooted, grass-like perennial which typically grows 12-18" tall and features clumps of strap-like, arching, glossy, dark green leaves to 1" wide. Clumps slowly expand by short stolons, but do not spread aggressively like Liriope spicata. Erect, showy flower.

10/02/24 · 26 October 2002: How to grow: Liriope muscari. 12 Apr 2003; There are some curious muscari which are worth growing. Muscari latifolium has. Liriope Muscari quantity. We can deliver to almost anywhere in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We don’t usually ship orders to Continental Europe, however if you’d like to make a special request, we may be able to arrange it. Please get in touch prior to placing your order so that we can.

Liriope Muscari Variegata is an evergreen perennial that easily spreads to form a deep carpet of grass-like plants that makes a great ground cover or border plant. This form of liriope aptly has the common name “variegated lilyturf.”. 18/12/40 · Liriope muscari generally grows in a clump form and will spread to about 12 to 18 inches wide. Liriope spicata spreads rapidly by underground stems rhizomes and will cover a wide area. Because of its rapid spread, L. spicata is not suitable for an edging but is excellent for groundcover. Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' AGM: 2. Anemanthele lessoniana AGM: 3. Liriope 'Gold Band' Plants for shade > Grasses for Shade > Liriope. Best Selling Plants. Aquilegia vulgaris 'Munstead White' AGM. £3.95 2 or fewer items £3.80 3 or more items Aboutsyn Nivea. A lovely pure white strain of this good garden plant, easy in shade where is.

A spreading, rhizomatous perennial with green, grass-like foliage and spikes of light purple flowers in summer. ‘Evergreen Giant’ 600mm is clump forming with light purple flowers. ‘Variegata’ 300mm, also clump forming, has yellow-striped blades and purple flowers on short stems. Botanical Pronunciation: lir-EYE-oh-pee mus-KAR-ee. Liriope muscari 'Moneymaker' Big blue lilyturf 'Moneymaker' will reach a height of 0.3m and a spread of 0.45m after 2-5 years. Suggested uses. Ground Cover, Low Maintenance, Garden edging, Beds and borders, Cottage/Informal, City, Banks and Slopes, Containers, Underplanting, Wildflower. Liriope muscari, in autumn, above the foliage, waxy purple flower spikes appear. Sublime flowers are then followed by black berries. Liriope muscari ‘LIRF’ ISABELLA® is a lawn alternative for sun and heavy shade, garden borders, specimen and mass planting. It grows to 40cm high x 50cm wide. 15 – 20cm high x 20 – 30cm wide when mown once a year.

Liriope muscari variegata - Variegated Lily Turf; Tweet. Refer friends × zoom Click to enlarge Liriope muscari variegata - Variegated Lily Turf. £9.95. Product ref: G7K004. A popular, but hard to find variety of liriope valued for its relatively wide, strappy, green and creamy golden variegated, grass-like foliage. Leading UK gardening. Liriope muscari reviews. Average based on 7 reviews. Reviewed 2nd August 2019 by Linda. has growth but hasn't flowered yet - this was a replacement as the previous plant did not flower Reviewed 1st August 2019 by Alexandra. Arrived in good condition, so far no further growth but still looking ok. Liriope Muscari Variegata. We can deliver to almost anywhere in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We don’t usually ship orders to Continental Europe, however if you’d like to make a special request, we may be able to arrange it. Please get in touch prior to placing your order so that we can. 17/05/35 · De groenblijvende vaste plant Liriope muscari kun je het beste in het voorjaar rond eind maart afknippen vlak boven de grond. Het jonge loof kan.

Liriope Liriope spp., also known as lilyturf or monkey grass, makes for a tough, drought-tolerant ground cover.Although liriope looks quite a bit like grass, it's actually an herbaceous flowering perennial plant is the asparagus family that's often used a ground cover to prevent erosion, to serve as an edging plant, or to help with weed control. Amazon.: liriope muscari. Skip to main content. Amazon. Today's Deals Warehouse Deals Outlet Subscribe & Save Vouchers Amazon Family Amazon Prime Amazon Pantry Prime Video Prime Student Mobile Apps Amazon Pickup Locations Amazon Assistant.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 29.99, today just 19.99 - Save £10! Liriope is a fantastic plant, with grass like evergreen foliage accompanied by tall spikes of violet to lavender-blue, hyacinth-like blooms from late summer, well into autumn. Liriope muscari 'Moneymaker' Liriope muscari. Liriope platyphylla, Liriope graminifolia densiflora, Ophiopogon muscari. US nickname, Lily Turf or Big Blue. A shorter form, growing to 35cm with a reputation for flowering very freely with spikes of violet blue. Liriope Muscari Monroe White. Offering a vigorous habit and free-flowering nature. Its stout spires are dressed in pure-white blooms that whorl around each stem and protude from the centre of each herbaceous tuft and are later followed by black berries.

Buy lily-turf Liriope muscari 'Monroe White' Our website uses cookies. If you continue to use this website then we will assume you consent to the use of cookies for this purpose. Liriope muscari "Gold Band" This evergreen perennial forms clumps of gold edged arching leaves with lavender flower spikes. The leaves are wider than other muscari varieties. Grows to a height of 35 cm. It is an excellent groundcover and as an accent plant. Liriope muscari "Monroe White". Liriope muscari Big Blue is ook bekend onder de naam Leliegras, deze cultivar heeft een wat grover langwerpiger blad dan de overige soorten Liriope. Dit wintergroene siergras bereikt een hoogte van ongeveer 25 centimeter, en met bloem 40 centimeter.

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