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How toConnect Infusionsoft and Pipedrive integration.

Pipedrive and Infusionsoft. Last synced 4 months ago by Frans Leys Syncing Pipedrive with Infusionsoft. Pipedrive & Infusionsoft both can be used as CRM’s, but Infusionsoft is a powerhouse as it’s both a CRM as well as a marketing automation platform. Other Zoho Comparisons. Infusionsoft VS ZohoHubspot VS ZohoZoho VS InfusionsoftZoho VS HubspotZoho VS BaseCRMOther PipeDrive Comparisons. Infusionsoft VS. Pipedrive features a highly visual pipeline that speeds up lead-to-sale rate in a clear manner. Doing a HubSpot CRM vs Pipedrive comparison is slightly like comparing apples to oranges. Pipedrive is excellent for pipeline management, while HubSpot is the better choice for campaigns.